I built my first harpsichord from a kit in 1969 while an undergraduate at UCSC. After completing a degree in musicology from UC Berkeley and with a commission from a prominent player in hand, I opened a workshop in Berkeley in 1975. Since then we have produced nearly one hundred instruments. These may be found in the hands of institutions and musicians both in the U. S. and in Europe and may be heard on over fifty recordings.

Our harpsichords are patterned after antique instruments which are musically appealing and historically interesting. We follow the prototypes closely in materials and details of construction. The keyboards and actions replicate those of the originals. Like those in the finest antiques, they are extremely responsive and give the player an intimate connection with the sound production. We are dedicated to recreating the sound and feel of old harpsichords and to producing fine musical instruments which are equally at home in the music room, concert hall or recording studio. All of our instruments are custom built to order. We are willing to consider other models in addition to those listed here.

Our institutional customers include:

The San Francisco Symphony
University of California at Berkeley, Los Angeles, Davis and Riverside
University of North Texas
University of Houston
Early Music Institute, Indiana University
University of South Carolina
Stiftung Kloster Michaelstein, Blankenburg, Germany
Stanford University