Click for a larger image The muselar with its distinctive fluty treble and the snarling arpicordum is a unique window into the musical sound-world of another time. Our version is decorated with the faux marbre exterior and block printed paper interior familiar in paintings by Vermeer and others. The lid is further adorned with Latin mottos. The soundboard is painted in the traditional style. The keyboard has bone naturals, with parchment arcades, and black oak accidentals. A high trestle stand with four turned legs is standard. A fancy balustrade stand is optional. These instruments are normally played standing or sitting on a high stool.

The keyboard range has been extended with the addition of the low F# and G# as split keys to the short octave; essential for playing much Elizabethan music.

Range: C/E-c³, short octave, with F# and G#; 6-5/8" (167 mm) octave span
Disposition: 1x8', arpicordum C/E-f¹ (a¹=392 or a¹=415)
Dimensions: 5' 11" x 1' 7" (176 x 50 cm)