Click for a larger image The prototype for this model was built by Albert Delin of Tournai in 1768. It is now in the collection of the harpsichordist Kenneth Gilbert. Its wide keyboard range and clear resonant tone make it suitable for virtually all of the harpsichord literature.

The case is painted one or two colors with gold bands and moldings. The keyboard has ebony naturals and bone-topped accidentals. We reproduce the carved keyfronts and "skunktail" keyblocks of the original. The instrument rests on a trestle stand with four turned legs. Optional are table stands with either cabriole or turned and fluted legs and a soundboard painting.

Range: GG-e³, transposing keyboard (a¹=415 and 440, a¹=392 and 415) (or a¹=392, 415 and 440 without "skunktail" keyblocks).
Disposition: 2x8', buff
Dimensions: 7' 2" X 2' 11" (223 x 90 cm)