Musical versatility and sheer beauty of tone have made 18th century French style harpsichords the standard in the modern world of early music. We have chosen three particularly fine representative examples for our prototypes:
Nicolas Dumont, 1707
François Blanchet, 1733
Andreas Ruckers, 1646,
enlarged by Blanchet, 1756, and reworked by Pascal Taskin, 1780, (Ruckers-Taskin)
The cases are painted one or two colors and decorated with traditional gold bands and moldings. A trestle stand in walnut, cherry, or ebonized ash and a matching music desk are standard. Table stands with trumpet-turned legs and a floor level frame (Dumont), cabriole legs (Blanchet or Ruckers-Taskin) or turned and fluted legs (Ruckers-Taskin) are available as options. Also optional are soundboard paintings and other painted or gilded decoration. The keyboards have ebony naturals and bone-topped accidentals and closely follow the dimensions and balance of the originals.
Disposition for all models:
Lower manual: 1x8', 1x4'
Upper manual: 1x8', buff, shove coupler