Click for a larger image The 1681 Giusti is the most usual sort of Italian harpsichord; a small instrument intended for accompaniment. The case construction is "attacato alla casa"; that is, it masquerades as an ordinary Italian harpsichord in its outer case, but in fact there is just one case with appropriate veneers and moldings to create the illusion of two. This instrument is offered in two versions.

Range: C/E-c³, short octave with split keys for F# and G# at a¹=415 or 440
Dimensions: 6' 11" x 2' 6" (215 x 765 cm)
Range: BB-d³ chromatic, transposing keyboard (a¹=415 and 440; 392 and 466 optional)
Dimensions: 7' 5" x 2' 9" (226 x 90 cm)