Regulation and repair:
We are always eager to service our own instruments. Major projects such as requilling or restringing are most happily accomplished in the shop. Voicing and regulating are easily done in situ. We can also update our older instruments by restringing and even new jacks. Fees for shop work are by estimate. Fees for work on the road are $75/hour plus expenses.
Outside services:
Tuning for concerts and recordings is available in the greater SF Bay area. Rates depend on the type and extent of service required.
A JPH five-octave Florentine Italian harpsichord is available for concert and recording rental.
Other Products:
Owner's Manual for John Phillips Harpsichords
This manual covers basic harpsichord care, including instrument moving, tuning, quill and string replacement, cleaning and fixing scratches. For the more ambitious owner or the professional technician, there are detailed discussions of voicing, regulation and fixing some of the inevitable ailments which afflict harpsichords. Although intended for owners of our instruments, other harpsichord owners and technicians will find this manual useful. This manual is currently being revised and should be available again in the Summer of 2006.
John Phillips Harpsichords T-shirt
Images from Diderot's Encycopèdie. Sizes M, L, XL, $15 postpaid.