French Double Harpsichords, all models $30,000
Options for French double harpsichords:
Fourth register in peau de buffle 1,000
Table stand with turned and fluted legs 6,000
Table stand with cabriole legs 8,000
Framed table stand with trumpet-turned legs 8,000
Soundboard painting from 1,500
Italian Harpsichords
After G. B. Giusti, 1681 18,000
After 18th century Florentine, 4½ octaves. 22,000
After 18th century Florentine, 5 octaves 23,000
After Carlo Grimaldi, 1697 25,000
Flemish Harpsichords
Muselar after Couchet 17,000
Single manual harpsichord after Delin 22,000
Options for Flemish harpsichords:
Balustrade stand in oak (muselar) 2,500
Table stand with turned and fluted legs (Delin) 6,000
Table stand with cabriole legs (Delin) 7,000
Soundboard painting (Delin) from 1,500
German Harpsichord
After Gräbner, either version 35,000
Prices are FOB Berkeley and are for instruments under contract this year. The price includes a padded cover, a tool kit and an owner's manual. California residents add appropriate sales tax. Prices and models are subject to change.
Terms of Sale
A non-refundable deposit of $100 will reserve a place on the waiting list. The order and price will be confirmed six to eight weeks before construction is to begin. Payment is made in four installments. The first is due with the confirmation of the order, the second and third will be due as work progresses, and the final payment will be due upon completion of the instrument, before delivery. Any packing or prepaid shipping charges will be billed from the contractor's invoice.

The waiting time is currently four years.